BCA began operations April 1, 1992. It was created by Tom Barnes and Marilyn Craig, both experienced insurance litigation lawyers, who identified an under-served service niche in the adjusting of liability claims. Initially the firm was staffed by lawyers wishing to step out of public practice but continue interesting and challenging work. Soon after, the firm began to tap into the insurance industry to bring in experienced liability claims professionals from the company, risk management and independent adjusting communities. This focus remains today and provides BCA with its competitive advantage in the liability sector.

Initially the firm focused on auto and municipal liability; however, that soon expanded to include professional liability and general liability claims. The firm developed a strong reputation for superior investigations, analysis and reporting, which fueled and continues to fuel steady growth.

In the early 2000’s BCA introduced itself to the London Markets and quickly gained credibility with Underwriters who, like Tom and Marilyn, recognized a general shortage of skilled liability adjusters. Today the London Markets make up close to 60% of the firm’s business volume.

BCA’s client base began to seek out broader claim services from the firm. In the mid-2000s we were appointed to adjust and manage the claims on a large and successful warranty program: a role we continue to fulfill. Similarly, in 2007 BCA received its first appointment as Third Party Administrators from a large London Underwriter, charging us with responsibility for administering casualty claims throughout Western Canada. Since that time our TPA practice has consistently grown and now the acts as TPA for six markets on dozens of contracts.

With success in liability claims handling, our clients invited us to develop a complimentary property adjusting capacity. We appreciated that our strength was in the adjusting of liability claims, and that would remain our primary practice, we began to offer property adjusting services. Those services are provided with the same attention to detail and professionalism.

Perhaps most exciting is our most recent training initiative. Recognizing that our adjusters are the strength of our success, BCA accepts that it has a responsibility to the industry begin to develop skilled adjusters. To that end, the firm joined forces with BCIT in providing access to work experience to its insurance program students and implemented a trainee program.