Client-focused Service

At Barnescraig we understand that each matter referred to us is unique and requires thoughtful analysis and sound investigation. We appreciate that our clients have different requirements with respect to reporting, reserving, and claims disposition.

We also understand that the service delivered by Barnescraig represents the “value added” by our clients for their clients. Our firm is often the voice and face of our client. We take this responsibility very seriously. For insurers, perhaps the most important benefit enjoyed by retaining Barnescraig is the high level of customer service we provide to the their insureds.

Teamwork & Excellence

It is the strength and experience of our team that sets us apart. Barnescraig adjusters have backgrounds in a wide variety of claims and insurance law. This ensures our clients receive the benefit of sound investigation and high quality analysis of coverage, quantum, liability, and claim resolution. Barnescraig’s experienced adjusters understand, when appropriate, the value of a negotiated settlement. Our adjusters are adept negotiators, capable of bringing a claim to a prompt and reasonable conclusion.

 Innovative Investigative Tactics

Different claims demand different levels of expertise. We recognize that the key to providing Barnescraig’s adjusting service in a cost effective manner is our ability to assign appropriate resources to each file.

A Collaborative Approach With Other Service Providers

In litigated matters, we work closely with defence counsel to ensure an effective and cost efficient defence. That means significant savings for our clients.

Careful Analysis • Thorough Investigation • Prompt & Clear Reporting

Success in managing claims comes from the understanding that prompt and careful analysis of the underlying dispute is required.

No matter the degree of complexity that we are faced with, we do not change our fundamental approach. We undertake a focused and complete investigation, identify and analyze the key issues, and provide timely and articulate reports to our clients. Our analysis includes information necessary for resolution planning, reserving, and setting the direction of the claim.