Statement of Corporate Values: We value the wellness of all members of our firm and always encourage balance in both life and business. We embrace and reward the following values: integrity, fairness, openness, initiative, work ethic, compassion, loyalty and accountability.

At Barnescraig we work together to help our clients succeed. The following principles guide our day-to-day efforts:

  • Superior service – we deliver the highest quality service to our client to help them achieve their goals. We recognize that our success depends on a timely and appropriate response to our clients’ needs.
  • Commitment – we are a hard working, energetic team of skilled professionals deeply committed to serving our clients. Teamwork is a key factor in our success.
  • Ethics – we conduct ourselves according to the highest standard. Mutual respect and collegiality infuse all our interpersonal interactions.
  • Clear direction – we have a clear and compelling view of what we want to achieve in partnership with our clients.
  • Pride in achievement – we enjoy our work and find fulfillment in doing it well.